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About the station:

Located at around 56 degrees North and 9 degrees East, Herning has a quite northerly location, but still enjoys rather mild winters
gently helped by the North Atlantic Current/Gulf Stream. It is in the western part of Denmark, in the middle of the peninsula Jylland. The Danish
capital, Copenhagen, is about 300 km to the East, on the eastern part of the island Sjælland. Herning has one of the most continental
climates in Denmark with the highest summer maximums and lowest winter minimums, although it is mostly an oceanic climate all in all,
with just 60 km to the North Sea with Great Britain at the other side. At an altitude of about 45-60 metres (app. 140-185 feet) above sea level,
altitude is not a climate factor here, as it is nowhere in Denmark, with our highest "mountains" reaching only about 160 metres (app. 500 feet).

The station is privately owned and operated with good, but still non-professional equipment, and you should always consult the nearby
official station at Karup Airport at http://www.dmi.dk for very important data needs.

The station's instruments consist of:

Outdoors: a combined temperature/humidity sensor plus a rain-meter placed about 3 metres (10 feet) above ground
and a wind-meter placed on the top of the roof at a height of about 8 metres (25 feet)above ground,
which is a bit too low for the most officially correct wind reading, but as good as it gets at the location.
From Feb. 2011 this station also has a solar sensor placed on the rooftop.

Indoors: a recieving station including a digital barometer with adjustment to sea-level readings. The reciever is connected to an always running computer,
also operating a webcam and various weather and webcam software uploading data continously to this site, as well as http://www.wunderground.com/ and the
website of the Danish Meteorological Institute, http://www.dmi.dk/ . While the owner of this site and the station strives to always keep things
running, no guarantees can be made for an always running system. Updates are needed, and power outages, for instance during thunderstorms,
may cut off the equipment for shorter or longer whiles.

Below are a few images of the equipment:
Hardware, a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station connected to a PC:
Always running (hopefully..) PC to gather the weather data and put them online, a webcam is also connected:
This is what the webcam sees:
Location on map:
Nice scenic flight over Herning from May 2014: